How do I create an exchange?

The exchange process begins on the front page of Guardarian.

Important! Before you proceed, please be sure that the URL in your browser’s address bar is exactly the same: 

Phishing websites regularly attempt to impersonate exchange platforms by creating the same layout and using a similar web address.

  1. Type in the amount you would like to exchange.

  2. Choose the currency you would like to buy in the ‘You Get’ drop-down list.
    In the same menu, you will see the estimated amount you will receive.

  3. Type in your personal payout address into the provided box. This is the address where guardarian will send your crypto after the exchange is completed. Then click ‘Buy’

  4. You will be redirected to the order confirmation page. 
    Сheck the currencies and amount in the widget one more time, insert your mobile number and click 
    ‘Send Code’

  5. Type in the received code and proceed to payment.